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What's Included

Your 1Lifeobit membership for £ 9.99 payment includes:

Funeral wishes: categories, Pre death organisation Leaving body to medical science, burial at sea,
Donating organs, Cryopreservation, living funeral, (after death) Visitation, Coffin Choices, Cortege,
pallbearers, attire, Burial, Cremation, Funeral Service religious, funeral service crematorium (non-
religious), No funeral, flowers, donations and charities, social media sites, Wake, after funeral
remembrances, ashes and remains, my advice.

Form filled Memory Book: about me, my views on, childhood early learning years, Education, work,
relationships, my views on, my 1 st s, my favourites, travel and adventure, ancestors.

Emergency sheet: detailed info about allergies etc, DNA info if you were to be in an emergency or if
you were to disappear unexpectedly.

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