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  • Why do I have to be 17 years or over to have membership?
    Because of the severe nature of the site, we feel it is essential to set boundaries. Therefore, if you are under the age of 17, have a terminal diagnosis, a life-threatening sickness or condition, and wish to become a member, please contact us at to process your request.
  • Why can I not leave financial arrangements on my profile in the event of my death?
    Our site is made up of wishes; it is not a will website that will involve some form of legality. Any legal document will need to be signed and held with a solicitor/lawyer; we are not a probate company. Your printed wishes profile can be left in the same safe place in tandem with your will for your loved ones to read following your death. We ask that no information is left regarding your possessions, executors of your will, etc. we do not offer this service.
  • Are you a funeral plan company?
    We cannot be classed as this as we do not physically organize funerals and all the arrangements and coordination that goes with it. We look at an overall picture from the writer's perceptive and their wishes. The deceased's loved ones can work around the information in their 1lifeobit profile. We are looking at the whole process of grief covering all angles; we also have a living funeral section and what happens to your social media sites. Sometimes families are left with having to try and organize something during a time of extreme grief and shock. We hope that by having this in place, loved ones can ease a lot of that suffering. If you need further clarification, please get in touch with us at
  • Can I do a funeral plan and use your service?
    Yes, of course, we have text space left for details of the company you have used, and our service can work parallel to that with more information plus your memory book forms.
  • Why do you ask is their any cause for concern?
    We prefer potential customers use the helplines provided or seek professional help if feeling low at that time. We are not preventing individuals from becoming members. However, we do not want consumers to become members if they are nervous or worried at the time of application. We ask that they wait for this time to pass and apply when things are calmer and clearer.
  • Why is the memory book made up of forms and made into PDF?
    We certainly researched all options and concluded this was the best way forward. With the conversion of PDF individually this means that it can be emailed and downloaded by yourself or loved ones. And you can pick and choose the categories you want loved ones to have. You might just prefer giving your memory form book.
  • Why is there not a hardbook glossy memory book included?
    Currently, we do not provide this service because of the high expense of printing and delivery. We would also have to increase the cost of membership. But we certainly will investigate this option in the future. So, with keeping your profile virtual, if there were changes in the future – we could bring in this option with a separate fee for this.
  • Why do I have to sign off each category?
    Signing each form is a safe option to help combat fraudulent behaviour of people writing on someone’s profile after death or before.
  • Can I print out a blank copy of the forms to fill in freehand?
    No, the printing of our forms in a blank state is strictly prohibited.
  • On the Emergency sheet why do you ask about DNA if this can just be taken from my own family members?
    Not everyone knows their biological parentage. Many adopted people do not have DNA relatives or have never been given their parents names or know of their whereabouts.
  • Can I just write Funeral Wishes and leave the rest of my profile blank?
    Of course, it is your profile. You can put in as much or as little data as you wish. The only function not available is an entirely blank profile. Everything else is possible.
  • I want to cancel my purchase, is this possible."
    Yes, of course, we can refund up to 7 days. However, this will mean that we will permanently delete your profile. In addition, if you were to change your mind, we would be unable to retrieve your previous profile contents if you signed up again. Unfortunately, we only allow two membership applications, so if you were to cancel your 2nd enrolment, you would not be able to apply for membership again.
  • Why do you put on the forms for children who have been adopted families can find this information? This will cause a lot of stress to people.
    We have this option at present, but we will review this. We hope this will bring people together rather than apart. Because unfortunately, on death, many people find out that who they thought was their parent turns out not to be. You can find parent information from your original birth certificate. And they also have no other information attached with that bombshell. So sometimes family members know their mother has given up children, but no information is left. Sometimes adoptees are searching for parents or siblings. Sometimes adoptees are from a different culture and want to learn about that culture and their genealogical families. We hope that some mothers will come forward with information to solve a mystery. Sometimes this is never discussed or wanted to be addressed. We do not like anybody to feel pressure to put this down, but if this helps unburden their stress and can be completed in a delicate way for all concerned, we hope this will help. 1lifeobit owner is an adoptee herself, so she appreciates the challenges, trials, upset and happiness the adoption process can have.
  • Is all my personal information safe?
    Yes, very much so on our site. We have encryption, the server has encryption, and we will sell none of your data or information. Given we do not want to be part of a company that does this.
  • Will you be doing other versions of 1lifeobit.
    We are a start-up business, and in technology, nothing stands still. So we will update, refer and offer additional aspects to the profile as time goes on. Also, if you do have any suggestions, please email us at We have a support team that will be keeping the site fresh and exciting.
  • Will you be doing corporate membership packages?
    Yes we will be launching this with special rates for corporate members.
  • Do you have a contact information number?
    We currently do not - all correspondence is via email. Would you please email We believe this is the best way of corresponding, and we can give a proper clear response to any concerns you may have.
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