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One journey of eclectic experiences...

Looking Towards the Horizon

...Discover 1LifeObit

Imagine a place where all your wishes and memories are stored that cannot be edited by anyone. It has no legal or monetary information only your wishes.

Your profile provides clarity to your loved ones at a stressful time, rather than leaving them wondering if they're doing the right thing or assisting family members who are in disagreement.

Those closest to you will be able to access with permissions given by us. Alternatively, this can be printed off and given to those close to you. We will never destroy your profile in the event of your passing.
Also included is a downloadable emergency and missing sheet in the event of your disappearance.

Your profile may be kept virtual and protected indefinitely, or it can be printed as a pdf form, downloaded, and sent to loved ones and friends.


Your bespoke plan, unique to you

1lifeobit is divided into three optional sections: your funeral wishes, a memory book and an emergency and disappearance sheet. This can then be left as either a virtual document that can be emailed to loved ones or printed as a PDF if a hard copy is required.


It will give options regarding donating organs, no funeral arrangements if you are ill and would prefer a living funeral or burial at home or sea alternatively if your wish is for cremation, where you want your ashes scattered. All of this information, and more, may be included in your wishes. You may also personalise your profile by uploading your favourite photographs and videos.



Let your family and friends know your wishes so that they do not stress about organising your memorial.

Create great Memories

Let your memories live on for generations through your forms file memory book.

Control your Legacy

Children and Grandchildren will have a point of reference to look back over to help with their grief.

Happy Family in the Park

1LIFEOBIT does not replace any funeral financial plan you have in place. But lets your family know your wishes. It does not override any legal documentation you have in place or named executors. It does not have any legal standing regarding your finances or estate. 

It is your wishes and memories that can be shared among your family and friends.  It will also be helpful for genealogy purposes and practical aid for people who have any health issues or terminal diagnoses.

Finally, it is a practical assistant for you and those left behind to arrange fitting tributes and remembrances as per your wishes.

Divine Healing

The Big Print

1LIFEOBIT is not associated with any religious group or school of thought. It does not replace or supersede any religious rituals or practises to which you subscribe. It is open to all denominations as well as non-believers.


And those that want it noted that they do not require funerals or remembrances. 1Lifeobit will appeal to those wanting tradition or those looking for an alternative, like a living funeral. Your plans will be saved in your profile for the benefit of your loved ones.

On your 1LifeObit Profile

You can add your photos to your profile, so you can fully control how you want to remain represented in the world. In addition, you can decide in advance what happens to your social media sites.

Classic Camera
Coffee with Friends

"We are all in this beautiful space together - this thing called life - we are led down different paths, places, experiences, hold different beliefs,  each one of us unaware where this thing called life is taking us..."

Trees From Above

Our Mission Statement

1LIFEOBIT'S unique pioneering global mission is to bring the taboo subject of death practically to the forefront of the public's consciousness. Its core evolved from a concept created in 2005—a virtual space to deal with death in an evolving modern world. Sometimes death comes quickly and unexpectedly.
1lifeobits drive and opportune passion are for the profile writer to have complete representative control on earth of their wishes - and images following death. This control was the primary purpose for developing 1lifeobit—to provide a space for individuals of any faith, traditionalists, or those seeking an alternative.

1lifeobit is inclusive.

Create your Online Obituary

Share your memories and wishes with your loved ones today

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