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Online Obituary

Online Obituary

Ok, so you have landed here to seek out an online obituary. More than likely, this is for somebody else.


But are you aware that 1LifeObit is a virtual site that can offer your self-penned obituary? 

Inside it includes a form filled memory book or things you would like your family to cherish. To add to this mix, you can upload your photo memories. 


Plus, a category index of all your funeral wishes. Your wishes can

then be kept virtual, emailed to your loved ones, or printed off all for a one-off membership (we do not believe in monthly contracts and subscriptions) of £ 9.99. We also have a military add on

memory attachment. 


1LifeObit is the go-to store for all your own online obituary needs, your legacy, your remembrances, and your funeral wishes. Your loved ones will be eternally thankful that you left them some guidance on how they might honour your legacy for future generations. 


1LifeObit for all your online obituary needs, get started today!

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